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About Anderson Computer Guy

chad bernhardt

I have been working in computer technology for over 18 years.  I started out in the late 90s buidilng my own personal computers.  In 1998 I started a job as a PC Support Technician for a local manufacturing plant.  In addtion to that role I also started a side business working on home computers for people as well as low cost website design.  

I expanded my profession to marketing in 2010 and focused more directly as web design while continuing my passion for comptuer repair.


(Computer/Website Design)

GetRight! Personal Training
Anderson, SC

Carolina Superstars
Anderson, SC

Remnants Antique Mall
Anderson, SC

Fort Knox Climate Storage
Pendleton, SC

Providence Presbyterian Church
Powdersville, SC

Freedom Fences
Anderson, SC

Stowaway Storage
Anderson, SC

and many more!

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