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The following is basic pricing that will apply to a variety of computer services.  When you drop-off a computer you will NEVER be charged by the hour.  Our flat rate of $65 labor covers all the work no matter how long it takes to fix the issue.  Please see the guide below for services where our $65 labor rate applies..

Drop-off Services eligible for $65 labor**

Virus & Malware Removal $65
General Troubleshooting $65
Memory Upgrade $65**
Hard Drive Replacement $65**
Reinstall Windows $65**

Note:  If we troubleshoot your computer because it's slow and it also has viruses you will not be charged twice.  Your labor will only be $65.  We do not charge a diagnostic fee in addition to the virus removal fee like many of the chain stores in town do! 

**cost of hardware and software not included in labor rates.  Reinstalling Windows requires a valid legal license.  All basic drivers and all security updates and service packs will be loaded at no charge.  Additional fees and labor may be required if you need assistence reinstalling specialized software.  You must have copies of any purchased software that you want installation assistance with.

Additional Services

Same Day Rush Service for Computer Repair $50 extra
Remote Support Computer Service $20 per half hour.

On-Site Services*

We can provide a variety of on-site help with your computer, wireless network, iPhone, iPad or software.  Please text, call, or email to check availability of this service

Trip Fee (less than 5 miles) $30
Trip Fee (5 - 10 miles) $40
Trip Fee (10-15 miles) $50

Labor Fee (first hour) $65
$25 each additional half hour

Sample Billing:  You live 4 miles away and you need two hours of computer support.  Your rate will be $30 trip fee, $65 for the first hour on-site, and then $25 for each additonal half hour.  This would be a charge of $145.

*Minimum labor charge of $65 (up to 1 hour) for all offsite work. This is in addition to the listed travel rates.  Lower rates available when computer is dropped off.  Rates listed are for a scheduled service visit.  Same day rush service will have an additional $50 Rush Service Fee added.   If your computer issue can be solved by dropping off your computer you will save money with our drop-off service.